Message from Chief of Naval Staff


Chief of Naval Staff


Bangladesh Navy Veterans are from the generations past, who have sacrificed their blood, sweat, energy, spirit and even own sacret life to guarantee the freedom of our nation that we hold so dear. Since the birth of Bangladesh Navy (BN) in the womb of our liberation war, there have been a valiant group of sailors who dared to rule the waves of the Bay of Bengal.

Starting from the scratch, with only two boat’s Padma and Palash, today BN has attained three dimensional capability with submarines, state-of-the-art surface combatants and naval air arm in her inventory. This was only possible because you were the light house, you charted the correct course so that we can make ETA on time. Our veterans showed us, how to set sail in the choppy sea, how to keep the ship always on track and maintain DR. Our veteran represent the best of sailors that...Read More

Facilities for Veterans

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Housing societys

Bangladesh Navy Co-operative Housing Society Ltd (BNCHSL)

BN Co-operative Housing Society (BNCHSL) was established to eradicate housing problem of officers and sailors wheather serving or retired. BNCHSL Savar project has contrib... More ...

Benevolent fund icon

Bangladesh Navy Benevolent Fund (BNBF)

BNBF was introduced to facilitate serving Naval personnel with interest free loan and donation/ grant for helpless retired Naval personnel or their families. The facility ... More ...


Education Grant

Education Grant is provided to distress family children who are studying from class-I to Masters Degree level. The conditions eligibility of the candidate are as follows: ... More ...

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Financial Grant

Financial Grant is provided to the retired naval personnel who are in actual distress condition. The grant is provided under following conditions: 1. To run/meet family ex... More ...

Armed services board

Bangladesh Armed Services Board (BASB)

Bangladesh Armed Services Board  generally provides following facilities to the retired personnel: 1. Financial help for retired Armed Forces personnel. 2. Micro credit lo... More ...

Sena kalyan sangstha

Facilities from Sena Kalyan Shangstha (SKS)

SKS generally provides following facilities to the retired Armed Forces personnel: 1. Scholarship for students - six to postgraduate. 2. Vocational stipend- for all vocati... More ...

Nou kollan foundation icon

Nou Kollan Foundation (NKF)

  Nou Kollan Foundation (NKF) is designed to facilitate the serving and retired personnel and their families of Bangladesh Navy. It is expected that NKF will enhance it... More ...



Retired Officers and Sailors List of Bangladesh Navy . More ...

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